Alex Vallejo /  Dead Love Club Music (ASCAP)   Dead Love Club

Alex Vallejo / Spanish Angel Music (ASCAP)   Vallejo

Barbara K /Sparrows Wheel (BMI)  (former leader singer of Timbuk 3 “The Future’s So Bright I’ve Gotta Wear Shades””

A.J. Vallejo / Sundae Girrl (BMI)   Vallejo, Love & Chaos, AJ & The Whiskey Rebellion

Kendall Beard / Kendall Beard Publishing (BMI)   Love & Chaos

Omar Vallejo / Phwexy Glass Music (ASCAP)    Vallejo

Rose Sinclair / Steel Pal Music (BMI)

Wayne Garner / Izzy G Publishing (ASCAP)

Ali Holder / Lometa (BMI)

KPBB Publishing  (KP and the Boom Boom)

Steve Homan / The Statx Publishing Company (BMI)    Statx

Tomar & The FC’s

Kady Rain & Ben Bazzrea

Hugo de San Quentin (Hooka Hey)

Kevin Collins (Kev Bev and the Woodland Creatures)

Jacob Rene Music

Eric Debris  (Metal Urbain)

Enrique Rangel / Fantasy Six Music (BMI)    Fantacia

Soundnoodle LLC (Quincynoodle (ASCAP), Georgenoodle (BMI), Reubenoodle (ASCAP)


Music Clearance

Cleavage Chronicles  – a musical

The Space Station – short film (Pord. J. Casey Kucera)

Little Green Men (Dystopian Productions)

Rosetta: The Musical

The Bitch & The Jew (trailer for podcast)  Edgen Films